CMT Chinook Siding - November 2013

(51-02’26.78”N, 114-02’59.92”W, elev. 3432 feet)



NOVEMBER  8-10:  “Trains 2013” Railway Meet and Public Show, Burnaby, B.C.

NOVEMBER. 8: CMRS Slide Night, 7:30 PM River Park Community Church, 3818 14A Street SW, Calgary.

NOTE: CHANGE OF DATE. Previously arranged date has been changed to Nov. 8    

November. 16: CMT Open House and Birthday Party, 10 - 4PM  




February 22-23:  Olds Model Train, Hobby and Craft Show located in the Olds College FGH Gymnasium,

4500-50th Street, Olds, Saturday Feb 22nd and Sunday Deb 23rd at 10am-5pm. Details are in this newsletter.   email Rick, or phone (403) 556-8121 for info


March, 2014:  There may be another Model Railroad day-long Convention about next March 9 in Calgary.  I will pass on details as they are received. Some ideas are below

April 12-13, 2014:  SUPERTRAIN, Subway Soccer Centre, Calgary

June 18-21, 2014: PSX2014, PNR Meet. Details follow in this newsletter.


July 14-July 20, 2014NMRA National Convention and National Train show, Cleveland,

Chinook Hobby and West closed their North location recently. This was the same location as Trains and Such for many years. Stock has been consolidated into the original South location of 50 Avenue and McLeod Trail.


CMRS Slide Night

Slide Night 2013: Friday November 8th at 7:30 pm is our 2013 slide night, and we will meet at River Park Community Church (3818 14A Street SW, Calgary). Over the last year some of you must have taken some (train related) photographs other members could be interested in viewing. We have two confirmed presenters and are awaiting decisions by another two, which could be an opportunity for you to call or email John Lund with your proposed presentation or potpouri contribution.

Contact John Lund for more information.


Southbank Auction and CMRS Minimeet wrap-up report

Many of you missed another great CMRS mini-meet Sunday, October 20, 2013. In the last newsletter I laid out the program which consisted of clinics and AGM. Proudly I can report that CMRS had a good financial year with thanks to SUERTRAIN 2013.

DID YOU KNOW that when you show your CMT Membership Card at Chinook Hobby West (Macleod Trail) you get 10% off your purchase?   


Our 75th Anniversary cars have arrived.  At the October Business Meeting, membership decided to set costs for members in good standing at $20 for the first of each type with following cars at $30 regardless of the type of car.  Our cost is $22 per car.  To date there have been 17-18 cars of each type sold. Again, many thanks go to Al Machett for coordinating the purchase and delivery with my thanks to Andrew Love for setting up the Financial end of the transaction.  The boxcar doors open wide so I know that Pierre Ingold will be buying plenty since he told me that is the only kind of boxcar he buys now to show off an interior load.  Below is a suggestion of how to make your new car run better.  Please bring yours down to leave until after our Open House.  

Cars being left on the layout should operate smoothly and have proper operating couplers and steel wheels. Here is a suggestion to assure better operation. Suggested couplers are Kadee #5 or #58. Wheels should be steel with insulated axle.  A modeler should clean out the inside of each journal box to assure smooth axle rotation with the aid of a reamer. Steel wheel sets, either 33 or 36 inch diameter should replace those plastic wheels that come in the kit.  For the purist in the crowd the 33” diameter wheel is suitable for the Boxcar and 36” diameter wheel is suitable for the gondola. The reason is that the gondola carries a heavier load but for the hobbyist in the crowd, really, either size wheel works just fine.  CMT may be considering a bulk purchase to outfit Anniversary cars that will stay to operate on the layout and so you may want to add onto a club purchase. This matter needs discussion at a CMT Business Meeting



   The Mayor explains  his vision of building allocation to Priddis Town Planning Council at one of their recent street planning meetings.    



CMRS member Peter Bouma kicked off a great modeling idea which he says below. I think this is a really neat idea and hope you give the idea your maximium support by entering a small diorama. 

“Just build anything on a 5" x 5" square base and bring it back to the spring mini meet. The Scale/Era/Theme etc. doesn't matter. All dioramas will be entered into a draw for a $100 gift certificate at a local hobby shop, so no judging is involved. Really the only rule is that elements of the diorama are planted on the base (tree limbs and scenic elements can over hang the sides, they just have to be attached to the base). The whole goal of the contest is to encourage people to build something. I have already told free-mo to think about making their diorama so that it can be incorporated into their layouts or modules. Hopefully this contest will be a motivator for people to build something.

Peter Bouma respond to:

I have several 5”x5” bases to distribute to who may be thinking of participating in this really neat idea. These and any other details will be published in upcoming issues of the CMRS Orderboard.   

(Please ask me for one of these bases to give you to participate, Dale)    


Seems like the annual CP Chistmas Train is arriving from the East this year. Here is the 2013 schedule for the Calgary area.


The schedule can be found here:



Please bring down your assembled cars (identified), leave them on the layout for our Open House next weekend.




Preliminary Convention details are now out for the PNR2014 meet in Tacoma, WA, June 18-22. ( From my experience the Registration and Accommodation costs are really affordable I’ve long advocated that if you travel with a Hobby friend then all cost are cut in half.  

The Primary registrant Registration cost is $59 only to March, 2014, $79 from then on. The wind-up Banquet cost is $35 and best of all is the Accommodation rate of $95/night. Three prototype tours go to

Tacoma Rail Tour ($40), Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad Tour ($100) or to The Northwest Railway Museum Tour ( $50). Registration costs for wives or others are also available.


The 2014 PNR Convention will have a full slate of contests for you to enter. In addition, we are currently working on setting up a special model contest where all contestants start with the same model and are allowed to spend no more than $25 extra to come up with something unique. If you went to Boise PNR meet last year you will remember the great results from their contest. Watch this convention site for more information as we finalize the contest.


Special Structure Kit Contest Rules


  1. All entries start with the same HO kit. Penryn Fruit Co. from RailroadKits
  2. The value of additional materials, parts, details, etc. must not exceed $25.
    (Glue, paint, stain and weathering materials not included.)
  3. The structure and base must fit within a 5” x5” footprint.
  4. Judging will be by popular vote separate from other contests, but structure also can be judged as a kit structure and/or AP entry
  5. Prizes and awards to be determined.

Kitbash and super detail to your heart’s content. Try something new. Get your feet wet entering your first contest.

Have fun!


Here is late breaking news from Gavin Rees

 Mountain View Model Railroad Club

2014 Olds Model Train, Hobby and Craft Show

Greetings Fellow Modellers, 

Welcome , the Olds Model Train, Hobby and Craft Show is happening once again on Sat Feb 22nd & Sun Feb 23rd , 2014. This year we are again in the Frank Grisdale Hall Gymnasium at Olds College as it provides good space, onsite security, free onsite parking, and access to the onsite cafeteria.

We will be able to set up starting Friday afternoon February 21st at about 2pm(to be confirmed).

The Mountain View Model Railroad Club in the Didsbury Museum is sponsoring the show again this year.  This show is our primary fund raiser and without it the club would need to rely heavily on members to fund the development of our layout.

We had received several requests from attendees last year to provide a venue for the crafters in our families and community.  We have expanded our show this year to include model trains, hobbies and crafts as a way to appeal to a broader audience and increase attendance.

If you are interested in being in the show please fill out the attached application. As usual there is no cost for demonstration layouts, modellers and crafters.  If you plan to sell product while at the show the cost for vendors is $100.00 for a 10x10 space including up to 3 tables. _Deadline is Jan 15th 2014 for registration as space is limited, so register early to ensure you get your space.

Admission will be $5.00 per person with children 5 & under Free.

We hope you can attend either as a participant or a visitor and promote the event in your community.

I am attaching a show application for your convenience.  A poster and college site map can be found on page 3 of our new web site at

If you have any more questions you can contact Rick Astle at phone (403) 556-8121 or email at . Thanks, 

Rick Astle

5513 52 Street,

Olds, AB  T4H 1H8