(51-02’26.78”N, 114-02’59.92”W, elev. 3432 feet)


A Distinguished Gentleman Visits CMT


 JUNE 8CMT PUBLIC OPEN HOUSE, 10 am – 4 pm (details are in this newsletter)

June 15-16Aspen Crossing Train Days, Mossleigh,!tran-days/c1ea7

June 26-30:  Snake River Special. Pacific Northwest Region Convention. Boise, Idaho Hotel and Convention Center. Info:

July 14-July 20:  NMRA National Convention and National Train show, Atlanta, Georgia.

July 31:  Rapido wants to test run some of their new product on our layout including perhaps a version of their new GMD1.

August 28-31: The National Narrow Gauge Convention will take place on August 28 to 31 in Pasadena, CA.  An outstanding group of nationally recognized model railroad and narrow gauge clinicians has been assembled for the Convention.  Bus tours have been arranged to the Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm steam operations and back shops plus the Fillmore and Western Railway.  There are seventy-two home, club and museum layouts on the tour. The Convention Hotel will host a huge list of vendors along with a number of outstanding modular railroads. Exciting and informative clinics will be presented throughout the duration of the convention. Our website is If you wish to register for the Convention now go this link:

Sep 21-22:  2013 Great Edmonton Model Train Show, 10 AM - 5 PM, *NEW LOCATION* Millennium Place, 2000 Premier Way in Sherwood Park. Layouts, displays, clinics, dealers and LEGO! email:

October 20:  CMRS Fall Mini-Meet and AGM, Glenmore Inn, Calgary

Oct 26-27:  Red Deer Model Railroad Show. Westerner Park in the Harvest Center, 4847A - 19th St.  Red Deer. Sat: 10AM-5PM; Sun: 10AM-4PM. $5.00 per person, children 5 and under are free. Info:  Gord Sylvester, 403-986-3866, or

November 8-10:  “Trains 2013” Railway Meet and Public Show, Burnaby, B.C. Details are in this newsletter

NOVEMBER  16,  CMT 75th ANNIVERSARY:   This will be our Fall Open House.

CMT 75th ANNIVERSARY  CLUB CARS:    I’m happy to report  that a positive membership vote was taken to order 60 of each of the 2 cars below at the May business Meeting. The 3 bay hopper will have Red lettering on a Gray body and the 50 foot boxcar will be white lettering on a Blue body. Brookes displayed is O scale Boxcar from the Toronto Model O Scale Model Railroad Club to show just what a special run car looks like.  Al Matchett is clearing up any remaining details as he orders these cars for delivery in the fall in time for our November Open House. The first car of each type of car will be available for sale to club members at $10 each, more of each type will be sold to members at cost and the price that cars  will be sold to the general public as not been decided yet.  


OUTSIDE BUILDING REPORT: The bushes on the Southwest corner of the building have been cleared away and the back Security light has been replaced. The front large broken window needs attention and is being actively pursued.

LAYOUT REPORT:   “Priddis Plank” (my name for a temporary replacement section of mainline track) marks the spot where a Central Valley bridge was removed and this temporary link was installed allowing Brookes to complete painting his backdrop painting behind the mainline without slowing train operation or damaging the Central Valley Bridge which was initially installed. Brookes says work on the backdrop will be completed well ahead of our November Open House. Following completion of the artwork, the Central Valley bridge needs re-installation.  I need a member to step up to prepare the bridge for re-installation. Please see Dale for details.


Public Open House is set for June 8. 

PARKING:  Brookes asked for Stampede Parking volunteers. I think Brookes will coordinate names. Volunteers need to report 10:30 am  each day of Stampede except Wednesday (Family Day) where  9am is check-in time. Thursday is “Sneak-A-Peek” starting at 6 pm so an afternoon check-in time is needed. Those who volunteered so far were Brookes, Dale, Paul, Andrew.  Brookes will coordinate names and hopefully more folks can step forward for a day or so shift. 

ELECTIONS: Presidential Elections will be held at the June meeting. Please consider putting your name forward. We have an excellent supporting cast of your executive members (Secretary, Treasurer, Past President, Membership Coordinator) have past experience to guide you should any questions arise.

MEMBERSHIP CARDS/BROCHURES: Dale suggested CMT membership cars be available and Shawn Sproule will gather details from Times Press and report to Brookes on his findings.

MEMBERSHIP TAGS: Ron Sauer is acquiring more names tags from Canuck AMUSEMENTS WITH THE MAGNETIC STRIP (not a pin) for new member.  If you do not already have one please seek out Ron and add your name to his list.

Below are photos taken from a Bridge fire on the CPR Mainline just West of Revelstoke. 

Apparently traffic was flowing after just a coule of days

Internet Page:

STEAM POWERED BOX FACTORYHere is a really neat video, Great quality and an unusual business, a Steam Powered Box factory

Here is a message from the Director of Sales and Marketing of Testors Paint Company, the same folks that bring you FLOQUIL and Polyscale paints.  Best start stocking up now:

Dear Valued Partner,

I am writing to inform you about changes that are taking place at the Testor Corporation. For over 80 years, we have provided premium paints and finishing systems to the craft and hobby industry. Today, we announced that we are transforming our business in order to more effectively address the changing needs of our consumers and their interests.

We’ve made the decision to exit the following businesses within the Testor® Brand family - Pactra®, Floquil®, Polyscale®, and ColorArtz®. This will enable the Testor Corporation to return to our foundation of success – providing premium, innovative product that inspires creativity. We will continue to accept orders and ship product for a limited time based on available quantities.

Going forward, the following brands will be critical to our success and development – Testor®, Model Master™, and Aztek®. These brands will be infused with marketing support, innovation and operational efficiencies.

In support of this, we have announced a consolidation of operations at our Rockford facilities. Over the next several months we will provide updates critical to your order and delivery needs as well as product availability. We assure you there will be no disruption to service during this transition. Our commitment to the Testor brand has never been stronger. By implementing these changes, and the ability to leverage all of Rust-Oleum’s world class services, we are more strongly poised to take your business to the next level through product and merchandising innovations, and increased customer intimacy. Please contact me or your sales manager directly with any questions.

We appreciate your business!

Best Regards,

Kristin J. Schiro 
Director of Sales & Marketing

After this announcement from Testors (above), I find that George Sellios, world renowned kit manufacturer (Fine Scale Minatures) says his favorite Floquil color is Earth in a spray can for priming castings and has found a replacement at Home Depot: It is Rustoleum-Camouflage (Khaki) spray can #1917 is a very close match to Floquil Earth in the spray can. George lives in Boston so this information is American based but considering the US based stores moving into Calgary, you may find this product on the shelf.

Ever try Modeling with Paper? Here is one approach that I want to leave with you:

I’d like to introduce you to a good friend and fantastic modeler, Jon Addison. Jon is the owner and builder of the Sn3 Silverton Central Modular RR and a long time team member of the Fn3 Sundance Central Modular RR. He’s also been a member of several local model RR groups. He’s going to show and tell you how he’s constructing structures made from paper for his new On30 layout, now heeeeere’s Jonny.

My O-scale paper structures were built using methods I learned from viewing the DVD from Danish artist and modeler, Troels Kirk. The material used to build these structures is called pastel paper. It can be purchased in notebook form and I prefer the black paper. First I dry brush the color on. In the case of the Palmer building, I used a combination of bright yellow, pale yellow and white. Use a flat-tip brush and dip a portion of the brush into all three colors at once. Dry brush the paint mixture in only one direction making sure to leave some of the black paper showing through. To get the weathering effects along the bottom of the building, dab on black and brown very lightly with a #6 filbert brush. To make the boards simply cut the painted sheet into strips of the desired width using a #11 Exacto blade and straight edge. For special effects, cut the edges in a slight wavy line to create the “second-cut” boards.

The subwalls were made from medium grade artist illustration board. It’s cut to shape along with the window and door openings. I prefer to use Tichy windows and doors because of their good quality. A machinist’s square is used to draw horizontal guide lines onto the subwalls. This will make for easier alignment of the boards.

I used Tite Bond 2 glue to adhere the "boards" to the subwalls. The boards were laid in a slightly over-lapping effect thus creating the clapboard siding. The nail holes were made with a pummel wheel running along a straight edge. I used scale-size strips of newspaper, painted flat black, for the tar paper roof.

The signage was applied while the walls were still flat and unassembled. These particular fish images were cut from a Florida Sportsman magazine and reduced to the appropriate size.

The building was assembled by placing 1/4-inch square wood strips into the corners and longitudinally. This makes for good structural strength. The inside of the building was then painted flat black.

The weathering on the building sides was done with a wash using odorless mineral spirits and artist oils. The roof was weathered almost the same way except for using dry paint pigments mixed in with the spirits.

Finally the entire structure was dry brushed with a white/flesh tone combination.