An update from CMT's President, Dale: 



There are no CMT Business Meetings during the Summer. 

July 14-July 20NMRA National Convention and National Train show, Atlanta, Georgia.

Aug 16-18:  Big Valley, AB, Alberta Free-mo 2013. Info:-

Aug 16-18:  Revelstoke, BC Railway Days 2012, Revelstoke Railway Museum. Info: - Jennifer Dunkerson, Executive Director, at 1-877-837-6060,,

August 28-31: The National Narrow Gauge Convention will take place on August 28 to 31 in Pasadena, CA.  An outstanding group of nationally recognized model railroad and narrow gauge clinicians has been assembled for the Convention.  Bus tours have been arranged to the Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm steam operations and back shops plus the Fillmore and Western Railway.  There are seventy-two home, club and museum layouts on the tour. The Convention Hotel will host a huge list of vendors along with a number of outstanding modular railroads. Exciting and informative clinics will be presented throughout the duration of the convention. Our website is If you wish to register for the Convention now go this link:

Sep 21-222013 Great Edmonton Model Train Show, 10 AM - 5 PM, *NEW LOCATION* Millennium Place, 2000 Premier Way in Sherwood Park. Layouts, displays, clinics, dealers and LEGO! email:

October 20:  CMRS Fall Mini-Meet and AGM, Glenmore Inn, Calgary.

Oct 26-27Red Deer Model Railroad Show. Westerner Park in the Harvest Center, 4847A - 19th St.  Red Deer. Sat: 10AM-5PM; Sun: 10AM-4PM. $5.00 per person, children 5 and under are free. Info:  Gord Sylvester, 403-986-3866, or

November 8-10:  “Trains 2013” Railway Meet and Public Show, Burnaby, B.C. Details are in this newsletter.

NOVEMBER  16,  CMT 75th ANNIVERSARY:   This will be our Fall Open House.

CMT 75th ANNIVERSARY  CLUB CARS:    I’m happy to report  that a positive membership vote was taken to order 60 of each of the 2 cars below at the May business Meeting. The 3 bay hopper will have Red lettering on a Gray body and the 50 foot boxcar will be white lettering on a Blue body. Brookes displayed is O scale Boxcar from the Toronto Model O Scale Model Railroad Club to show just what a special run car looks like.  Al Matchett is clearing up any remaining details as he orders these cars for delivery in the fall in time for our November Open House. The first car of each type of car will be available for sale to club members at $10 each, more of each type will be sold to members at cost and the price that cars  will be sold to the general public as not been decided yet.    

July 14-July 20 (2014)NMRA National Convention and National Train show, Clevland, Ohio


NEW PRESIDENT ELECTED:   Dale Sproule was elected by the club membership at the June 2013 Business Meeting.  Membership is a priority item, gaining new members, involving present members in the construction of the layout and members reaching out to the community through our involvement in shows such as SUPERTRAIN. Our 75th Anniversary is coming in November and we need to have the layout and club house ready to show our continual improvement and moving forward to the Model Railroad Community in Calgary.  



Have you seen Gary’s Concrete plant? Make sure you go to the back of the layout. Eventually he will have the rotating drum rock crusher rotating.

THE FINAL LEG: Discussion recently led to a thought by some members to commence construction the final leg of the layout! What final keg you ask. So did I. This unbuilt part of the layout will extend the narrow gauge (that is presently hidden by a burlap sack) between Priddis and the Mountain part of the layout highlighted by a Snow shed. 

Garth and Shawn have prepared rolls of wooden ties and Garth is laying these on trackage near the Baker Yard South Roundhouse being built by Merv.

Merv’s 10 stall Roundhouse nears completion at the back of Baker Yard South, quite a structure too!

Work on the layout in June: Teagon has poured a base for his Priddis station.

Work progresses on a new or extended Intermodal track, work being put in by Jordan, backed up by Ron.

Shawn Sproule is carrying on laying the final road and associated scenery on the traffic bridge South of Priddis.

Don is looking into bringing back to life our existing narrow gauge. One missing bridge has been found and loosely located into position.

Dennis, our newest member is presently starting to replace a main-line curved bridge between Chinook Yard and Priddis


As far as I can tell the club has come out from the flood without any problems. The portables were raised from floor level as the threat of some minor came in then, as rains and flood reports continued, written history of CMT, Member Of The Year Plaque all DCC locomotives, hand units and  other remaining locomotives which were already packed together were quickly removed from the club but no one thought damage would be as severe and as wide spread as it is. My truck and Garage are full of this stuff. A Structural Engineer has already visited the layout Monday, July 1 and gave a positive report. There still needs to be an air monitoring check conducted. We still are without electricity but high and dry!


For those putting together plaster kits or just out of interest, here is a really neat site from Randy Pepprock who runs Downtown Deco. Although he describes assembly of one of his kits, the hints provided are great for your records.   He writes: “I wrote this a year or two ago & IMO it really covers the hydrocal bases pretty well. I recommend sealing the castings before adding color, and in this tutorial I explain why in detail w/illustrations. See it all at  If you have any questions feel free to ask away.
Randy Pepprock
Downtown Deco
406-821-0181 (email)

 Did you know there is a site dedicated to truck modeling:

                                                                                                          JOHN ALLEN MEMORIAL BREAKFAST

Many CMT members do not know the name John Allen. He died in 1971.  Having lived in Monterey, California. He was a bachelor and followed his hobby of Model railroading full  time. There are plenty of books and DVD’s. Here is a message from his friends after all these years they dot forget their and my friend although I neve met him he did so much for our hobby that we accept as  normal things to do in the hobby. (Dale)

“Many readers here will not want to miss this. John Allen's home section of the NMRA responded very quickly - they are organizing a big group breakfast, and this idea has now spread, (like jam) around the world, thinly, but all over. You're invited to join in, and even better, to help put the word out. Wherever you are, join the celebration! See below. Cheers!

Join the worldwide 100th Birthday John Allen Memorial (JAM) Breakfast on July 2 2013! It's a traditional railroader's breakfast of flapjacks and jam from strawberries, the big crop 'round Monterey where John lived, with tea or coffee. Substitutes are ok of course. Enjoy your breakfast at home or form a group. Mark your calendar today. Take a little time on this special day to remember John, model railroading's Wizard of Monterey, creator of the astonishing Gorre and Daphetid Railroad, and take another look at some of the fabulous photographs and innovations he introduced to our great hobby. Help spread the word, not just the jam! It's easy. Tell your club, your online forums and groups about it. This initiative has been undertaken by a small group of volunteers - model railroaders. We depend completely on you to get the word out wherever you can at home and abroad, ASAP. Join us for the month of June. Paste this entire postscript into your email signature. Get the official poster, more info and downloadable files in several languages including this one here:

The famous Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg. This is from the 720p HD video Ernie shot last summer when we were in Europe. The world’s largest model railroad. We got a kick out of seeing some places we visited like Schloss Neuschwanstein, ‘Mad King Ludwig’s’ Castle modelled on the layout. They have done such a good job of the Knuffingen Airport that Joost who works for Transport Canada could tell what class of airport it was just from the runway lights.

There are numerous sites on the Internet on most subjects, here is a selection of items such as backdrop painting, weathering, scenery and layouts at  


 Favorite Model: Here is a product that I fell in love with during SUPERTRAIN 2013. Their web site is: This line of product is made in Salmon Arm  and I espically like the following. The first 2 items involve buying a stock Jordan model and adding the interaction hobbies laser kit

HO-7503: HO scale 1925 Ford Panel Van Conversion, Jordan Conversion

HO-7505: 1925 Ford 1 Ton Model T Delivery Truck,  Jordan Conversion

The third has me excited. It is a full Interaction hobbies with added LED kit.

                                                                                                                     NORFOLK SOUTHERN TV AD

I don’t know if many of us saw a TV ad for NORFOLK Southern Railroad. Here is a site where you see how the TV ad production and final product.

A good number of B&W waterfront photos in this lot of high resolution public domain images. Easy to copy or save. Virtually all are Mississippi River and eastward to the Atlantic coast. Lotta good reference info here if you are modeling that period and eastern or midwestern cities. Image #25 is a rock cut that fits the "There's a prototype for everything" category