CMT Chinook Siding - August 2013

An update from President Dale.

(51-02’26.78”N, 114-02’59.92”W, elev. 3432 feet)


There are no CMT Business Meetings during the Summer. Regular Wednesday meetings will continue. 



CMT 75th ANNIVERSARY  CLUB CARS:   Brookes Harrow tells me that our cheque has reached ACCURAIL so I have to assume production has started. Brookes says that our deadline should not be a problem.

Teagon continues to lay in the Priddis station platform in Priddis and shrub clearing was completed after we could get to the club after the flood.

RAPIDO visited CMT Wednesday, 31 July. A full report will be in the next issue.

Cleanup continues around the Clubhouse, clearing brush and weeds.

September 29-29 is again the place to be, it’s Heritage Park Railway Days. I’ve filed the necessary paperwork over the summer allowing us to participate.(Dale)


If you have items that you want to display for our November Open House that will form part of the past history of CMT, please see Dale. November is Model Railroad Month!


 Vlad Maritiu has arranged an opportunity to have CMT show ourselves to the community by participating in the upcoming annual Kirby Centre “KERBY EXPO CLUB PRESENTATION”.  I think this is an excellent chance for CMT to show ourselves and what we do in the Community. This Expo may be another chance to link our future needs for a new home layout to someone out there attending the Expo. The Kirby Centre is excited about the opportunity to  showcase local Clubs to their guests at the Expo.

The Expo runs Thursday, September 5 and Friday, September 6 at The Kerby Centre. Vlad has tentatively arranged for Friday morning, September 6 from 10 am to 11:30 am and wishes assistance. Due to space limitations we may only be able to bring a single module as a stationary exhibit and or the switching puzzle as an interactive display.

If time allows and you can participate please contact Vlad Maritiu at:

 This month we say goodby to one valuable member of CMT and 2 other friends of CMT:

Mike Love, Bill Kerr and Norman Sproule

MIKE LOVE, June 23, 1978 – July 20, 2013


Mike got down to the club as time allowed due to his job of truck driving. His friendly manor was infectious and always he always had a story about where his last trip took him. Six CMT members attended Mikes Funeral on Friday, July 25th and heard stories about his you from his parents Wayne and Donna and later from his fiancée Christy with other relatives and friends adding their stories about Mike. Mike was later taken to Kelowna for burial.


BILL KERR, August 11, 1951-July 14, 2013


Bill Kerr, my friend. Bill was a soft spoken On30 modeler. Bill attended the last SUPERTRAIN show (in a wheel chair) and we spent a ½ hour talking about the hobby and life experiences. Bill was a excellent modeler and will be missed.


NORM SPROULE, my Dad, Sept 5, 1918-July 9, 2013


 Norman Sproule - my Dad. Well what can a guy to say about his Dad!  He first exposed me to this wonderful hobby of Model Railroading at about age 3 when he took me to a CMT Open House then held in the attic of The Coste House in about 1951 in the upscale area of Mt. Royal. He was a Pharmacist and father of myself and 2 younger sisters and loved Model Railroading ( ah!........... This is who I got the hobby bug from) and he especially like English Trains and Model Trains too, Reading- especially about History of any kind, Travel, Coin and Stamp Collector and was an active Amateur Radio operator (VE6AQH).  He will be sorely missed by all his children and Grandchildren including CMT member Shawn Sproule. I miss you Dad.

Rest well Mike, Bill and especially my Dad!