CMT Is On the Move in 2015

by Calgary Model Trainmen

The inevitable has finally arrived!! Last month, The Calgary Model Trainmen’s Club received our notice that our premises have to be vacated by August 31, 2015. We have known this day was coming but now it is here. So we still have close to a year until the sad day.

At the moment, while we have some ideas, we do not know where we will be moving to. Stay tuned in the Orderboard or on our Web site as our plans come together.

There will be an Open House at CMT in November. See my other article here for information. 

We are hoping to have the Club open again for our Farewell to Victoria Park Open House, tentatively at the end of April 2015 following SUPERTRAIN. Note this plan is still tentative. After that, there is a lot to do to dismantle the layout and salvage what we can prior to the end of August. 

We do hope our many friends in Calgary will visit CMT one more time. And if you know of some vacant inexpensive premises (basements can work), we would be most happy to hear from you!! 

Calgary Cal-O-Rail Open House Report

by Calgary Model Trainmen

Calgary's Cal-O-Rail had a public open house this past Saturday, December 6th.

Cal-O-Rail is an O scale club that formed in 1974.  Their layout fills up the basement in a local Scouts building. They have some absolutely fantastic scenery and great scenes!