Fine Scale Minatures (FSM)

is offering their final kit. Owner George Selios has been producing kits since 1967, (that’s 49 years ago) and has another wonderful kit called “The I.M. Dunn Co”, kit # ., J.S. No. 19 selling for the usual $280.00. This is a really interesting coal yard and is bound to be a collectors item. I have several of his past kits and each time I order the kit I ask him to autograph the box which he does. I`ve also seen his layout twice and of interest to me is the upcoming DVD with apparent views never seen before (unless you have visited the layout I guess)  
The name I.M. Dunn seems appropriate. This is his last kit.

New Project Updates: Making Roads and a Station

Two new project updates have been added!

    • Making Roads with Plaster - A new road has been put in place in our town. Photos of the process can be found here. 
    • Making a Kanamodel CNR Class Three Station - One of these interesting wood kits has been constructed for Priddis (and painted in our Chinook Western colours of course!). Photos can be found here. 


    White Mountains and Smith Falls Update

    The team has made further progress on several projects at the club. Another full mountain has been plastered and coloured. The club used this opportunity to also perform some maintenance on the track and the area is now operating much more smoothly.  



    Progress has also been made on Smith Falls. The lower rocks have been plastered and mostly coloured. The next step is finishing off the colouring and then moving onto the actual bridge and valley. 


    Smith Falls Update

    The club has been making progress on the Smith Falls section. The wood portal has gone in as well as about 25% of the plaster rocks. The rocks will be stained using the method outlined in our project gallery section. 

    When the scene is complete there will be a shallow stream flowing through as well as a large trestle connecting the track to the right side. Click the photos below to enlarge them!

    Painting of White Mountains and Panel Upgrades

    Work has continued on the main mountain range with the club completing the painting of the first mountain. We used heavily diluted tempura paints and India ink to stain the plaster of Paris. Scenery details such as moss will be added soon. Click the before and after photos below to see the full versions. Details of this work can be found in our Project Gallery.


    We are also in the process of replacing the original switch panels that were installed on the layout. The new panels are look a lot sharper and are easier to use and maintain. Light indicators showing which track is clear are added. As a panel is being replaced the club also replaces all the older momentary contact switch machines with newer Tortoise motors.

    Project Updates: White Mountains and Elbow Falls

    Work has been progressing well on the White Mountains and the Elbow Falls scene. 


    The reconstruction of the White Mountains was undertaken late this year. The new mountains are much larger and will create a much more dramatic scene. Mountain one (left side) has most of the rock molds in place and rock work has begun on mountains two and three. The club decided to use hydrocal for rocks. Painting of the mountains is expected to begin early next year. The scenery between the mountains and the layout edge is going to be redone once the mountains are complete. 

     Click to enlarge

    Here is a photo showing the scenery left of the mountains. 


    Click to enlarge

    Work has also been progressing well on Elbow Falls and the scene is now almost complete. The water was completed in November using mainly Woodland Scenics Realistic Water products. The road is being completed using foam framing (shown below) and hydrocal sanded flat for the actual road material. The club plans to build a road bridge that will go out of the scene to the layout edge.